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How to Get Started

Some people think that DJing is quite easy because they see some low-level DJs press play on a laptop and believe that every other DJ does that. That couldn’t be any further from the truth, mixing like a professional DJ takes a lot of time and effort. For those that understand how hard it is to be a DJ, but they want to learn nonetheless, here are some things to help you start your journey.

Talk to Other DJs

The first thing, even before you consider the type of DJ, the equipment, and so on, is to talk to other DJs – both ones you admire and the ones you don’t follow. You can learn a lot from a simple conversation, and most are more than willing to help an enthusiast. Read a variety of interviews if you can’t get to them one on one, and be open to any ideas and suggestions they put your way. Just as DJing has evolved, you as a budding DJ must be as flexible and open to new input.

The Different Types of DJ

As stated above, DJing has evolved into something quite big, and for that reason, there are many kinds of DJs and most have their roots with the high fusion electronic DJ.

Set Up Your Goals

If you’re doing this just for fun, then it will be an excellent hobby for you, and you can learn plenty of things with which you can impress your friends. While if you’re thinking a professional DJ then you must know it takes extreme amounts of dedication and time to reach where you want to be, and even if you do everything right, you can still fail if you don’t have any luck. All the famous DJs that we see now earning millions of dollars were lucky to get a break.

Learn the Software

It’s time to start learning something about software and getting a general idea of what DJing means.

The three leading platforms are:

It’s essential to note that these aren’t the only three options out there since you can find plenty of other great software to hone your DJing skills. Virtual DJ is one of the most downloaded software on Earth, and there are plenty of good reasons for that because it’s free for home use, it is entirely backed by a vast community, and it also supports the latest tech required for DJing.

Basic DJ Skills

The most basic skills of DJing are EQing, phrasing, prep, mixing, and beatmatching. Below you can get a general idea as to what they are.


While it’s vital to learn the theoretical side of how things work, you need to get familiar with the setup that you will need to play and create music. Buying the first setup can be a tough task for every aspiring DJ because there are so many options, and also there are so many things that you need to consider before buying one. For example, the Turntable DJ setup and all computer DJ setup are completely different, so it’s important to know what kind of DJ you’re aspiring to be so that you won’t buy unnecessary equipment. Having The Best Devices to Play Electronic Music doesn’t mean that they are also the best devices to play hip hop music on.